No doubt most of us are very excited for the upcoming holidays. It is the best time of the year to unwind and visit different destinations you have never been to. It is really hard to choose the best holiday destination for you considering that there are a lot of options to choose from. One destination can be your stepping stone for more travels in the future.   All you just need is future planning and great budgeting.

Here are the best holiday destinations that you can choose from:


If you would like to experience a winter holiday, Switzerland is the best destination for you. You can ski all you want all day long. You can also participate in a ski camp where you can learn more about skiing. Switzerland also offers different sports other than skiing, you can enjoying ice skating, snowboarding, snowmobiling and sledding.

Best Resorts in Switzerland


City of Seoul Korea

Korea is popular these days among the travelers. Get ready to contact your travel partners and explore Korea. Ten days would not be enough to travel this place.  In Seoul, Korea you can visit placeslike :

  • Gyeongbokgung Palace
  • BukchonHanok Village
  • Myeong Dong
  • Namdaemun
  • Dongdaemun (&Dongdaemun Design Plaza)
  • Express Bus Terminal Underground Shopping
  • Garosugil Shopping Street
  • Seoul Tower
  • EwhaWomans University shopping place

If you want some beaching and chilling, you can go to Busan. Here are some of their famous beaches:

  • Gwangalli Beach
  • Haeundae Beach
  • Songdo Beach

The Maldives

The Maldives is famous for its beaches. This place is definitely worth every single travel money that you have. If you want some water adventure, Maldives has many things to offer to you aside from its beaches. You can do scuba and snorkeling, shark diving, waterskiing and jet skiing, you can also do parasailing and paragliding.

Best places in The Maldives

  • Male
  • Hulhumale Island
  • Maafushi
  • Utheemu
  • Feydhoo
  • Maradhoo
  • Veligandu Island
  • Banana Reef
  • Thulusdhoo Island
  • Fuvahmulah


Mauritius is often described as “heaven on earth”.  If you are a nature lover, Mauritius has  a park with 300 species flowering plants. If you are much of an adventurous and thrill seeker, why not jump from a plane and skydive?You can also visit some historic places in the area.

Ten Best Places in Mauritius

  • ChamarelColoured Earth
  • Casela Nature Park
  • Le Morne
  • Grand Bassin
  • Rodrigues
  • Rochester Falls
  • La Cuvette Beach
  • Chamarel Waterfalls
  • Blue Bay Marine Park
  • Citadel Fort

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